Professional Computer Repair
in Grangeville, Idaho

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What we do

  • On-site computer repair

    A technician will come to you. Repair what is needed at your location. The technician will take your computer to shop the if needed and deliver it back to you.

  • Spyware / Virus removal

    If you are on the Internet, you will probably encounter a virus or spyware at some point. We use advanced software tools to remove the offending files.

  • Computer upgrades

    If your computer is running slow, it may be low on resources. Adding memory or a hard drive will make a big difference with computer performance.

  • In-shop computer Repair

    You can drop off your computer with me if you would like. We repair your computer in the shop and call you when it's ready.

  • Data recovery

    You may delete a file you needed. Or lost a file in the system somewhere. We can scan your hard drive and find lost files even after a hard drive has been formatted.

  • Custom computer systems

    You need a desktop computer design for a special purpose. We can design a build to any specification you desire. General use, photo editing, gaming, how ever you use a computer.

  • Web site design and hosting

    Web site design is a specialty of its own. We take care of it from start to finish. Register domain web server hosting and upload your newly designed web site.

  • PC Tune-Up

    A pc tune-up goes over the entire system. Spyware scan, virus scan, remove extra system files, and adjust system settings for peak performance.

  • CustoM Graphics

    We create custom graphics for logos or as needed during website design.